Sangria Making & Marketing Challenge


This event begins with a fun, informative Wine Tasting and ends with a highly entertaining and competitive Sangria Making & Marketing Challenge. Our sommelier starts the program with a brief history of wine, followed by a tasting that incorporates aroma sticks to help identify key ingredients in each wine.

Your group is then formed into teams that will become different wineries. Their assignment is to come up with a name and develop their own brand of Sangria. A brief history and definition of Sangria is explained, followed by a fun Trivia Contest which helps further educate your group about this wonderful beverage.

Each team then picks a leader and heads to the marketplace to find the ingredients they want to make their own Sangria. They will also create a name for their product, design a logo for their label and aprons – and decorate their tables for their final presentation which includes a song or jingle they write and perform about their great new Sangria.

Lastly, we organise a taste test contest to decide which team has created the best tasting Sangria. Prizes are then awarded in three different categories; the winner of the Sangria Trivia Contest, the team with the Best Marketing Campaign and the team with the Best Tasting Sangria.

Its an extremely fun and fast-paced team building event that encourages creativity, cooperation, experimentation, and team support to come up with the best product and the most creative marketing campaign.


  • Team members get to know one another
  • Friendly competition
  • Lighthearted, educational fun

Features: Becoming an overnight wine marketing expert

Event Type:

  • Networking
  • Celebrate success/holidays
  • Cocktail party activity

Group Size: 12 – 200

Time: 2 hours

Space: A conference room, with space for participants to sit at team tables

Note: Your group will be sampling red and white wine in tasting-size amounts which can be accompanied by cheese, crackers, or hors d’oeuvres. While this event does produce noticeable results, intoxication isn’t one of them. At your request, we will be happy to include non-alcoholic red wine for the Sangria Making and Marketing Challenge portion of the program.



The Team Cuisine team building experience is a fun and effective way to bring diverse team members together, bond as a group and learn more about each other through food preparation, cooking and dining together.


This event begins with a fun, informative history of wine, followed by a tasting that incorporates aroma sticks to help identify key ingredients in each Wine and ends with a highly entertaining and competitive Sangria Making & Marketing Challenge.


Each team will need to create a box of chocolates for a section of the consumer market; they will be expected to develop a brand identity, marketing slogan and eye-catching packaging as part of an exciting team building challenge.


Drumming Up a Team is a great opportunity for participants to exercise communication skills as they tap into a common energy that breaks down social barriers and inspires unity. It’s impossible not to become engaged. The rhythm will draw you in!


Virtual Team bonding simulates a day in the life of a virtual team. Under the guidance of our facilitators, teams race against the clock, sharing ideas and information electronically, in order to meet deadlines. As with any real-life Virtual Team, your teams will face financial and time limitations.


A unique opportunity to “Build, Bond, & Boost” through service to others. This initiative offers an opportunity to volunteer in the Kitchen/Dining Hall serving over 200 homeless in Madrid a hot lunch.


Either indoor or outdoor championships circuits in karts of up to 350cc for an adrenalion packed exclusive use Championship complete with timed trials, elimination heats and the podium with bubbly for the winner!


Situated 45 minutes to an hour away and around 3000 metres up are the Madrid ski resorts with some great slopes for a day out on the piste.All equipment and ski hire available Including all day ski pass, return transfers,ski hire


A real adrenalin challenge competing in teams over various courses and scneriesto a battle of wits and cunning. Play in teams or individually and let loose the dogs of war!


These machines really move! Make your trip truly unforgettable with a Quad outing through the stunning Sierra of Madrid At 150cc there is no river, path or slope you can't overcome. Take a breather and get some fresh air


A great team activity for novice or practiced shot in one of the regions most respected clay pigeon shooting clubs. With 8 championship level ranges and the best instructors this is a great teambuilding idea that gives instruction, practice and competition for your group for a fun and challenging activity.


Madrid boasts some of the best teams in Europe. With the newly opened Wanda Stadium now competing with the iconic Santiago Bernabeu for some of the best matches of La Liga and Champions League. We offer together seating as well as VIP Boxes and Areas for all matches.


The baby bullfight or Capea is a typical and popular Castillian pastime that in a light hearted manner allows man to test his mettle against beast. In the ring and with games and challenges to overcome. Compete against young calves to bring out the Toro in you!


Murder Mystery comes to Madrid as your team unrivals the seemingly impossible as you work together to solve the mystery. Enjoyed over a meal or just as fun without it. On arrival you will receive the character scripts to be distributed to the participants who are going to portray the specific characters whose task it is to unravel the mystery.


We offer you a unique and fun insight into the world of flamenco with a private masterclass and event competition to find the best Flamenco performance. You will learn the beginner steps for this dance floor of foot, arm movemement choreography with a leading performer and teacher from the school.


For a great day out in the Sierra of Madrid and some inspiring guided routes through forests and lakes of the hills of Madrid. Complete with return transfers and optional picnic or bbq.


Flying over town. A bird´s eye view with tandem controls for some of the best views you can imagine. Can also be extended for accredited flying practice lessons and take advantage of the 300 days of sun that Spain can boast!


We offer you a unique and fun insight into the world of flamenco; Held at the world famous Flamenco School of Dance in Madrid, you will have a private masterclass and event competition for the best Flamenco team. You will learn the beginner steps for this dance floor of foot, arm movemement choreography with a leading performer and teacher from the school.


Madrid boasts some excellent golf courses from 18 hole championship to fun pitch and put 9 hole fun! Our packages include all green fees, club hire, balls and optional accesories such as buggies for teams or small groups of players as well as masterclasses with top professionals.


Few cities have so much on their doorstep as Madrid. Within 45 minutes of the capital lies the two UNESCO awared cities of Toledo and Segovia whose history stretches from Roman and Moorish times. Along the way are a myriad of other destinations that can be enjoyed and discovered for their wineries, gastronomy and history.


Sangria Teambuilding takes the simple and humble Spanish Sangria drink and take it to new levels. After being given an introduction to the drink, its composition and its history its over to you to make your own new version for the Sangria that will conquier the bars of the world!


The impressive Hippodrome of Zarzuela is the home of Madrid horseracing with a buzzing atmosphere.Study the form and chew pencils for the gaming and enjoy the day with excellent paddock and private catering facilities.Madrid's Zarzuela race track is one of the best places in Spain to see race meets and boasts an increasingly international line up of riders and horses for an original and fun team day out


Cooking Masterclass in Madrid. Madrid is one fo the great gastronomic cities of Europe. You will have a chance for a unique culinary experience. Your chef will guide you through a masterclass of the best of Spanish cuisine - traditional and more modern as you work together to make a team dinner to remember.


Learn to be a Torrero! A masterclass as no other as you learn the theory and practice of the art of bullfighting. From understanding the costumes to the choreographed movements demonstrationg both skill and bravery in the bullring. Can be offered as an introdutory masterclass by top Matador or over a longer period a formally recognised course to be a qualified Torrero


Roll up Roll up - everyones a winner with our casino party evening. Incorporating all of the traditional favourites that you would find on the Las Vegas strip, making for an authentic experience. Some of the casino favourites that you can sample when you organise a work casino party including Blackjack and Roulette amongst many other favourites


Play table football - known in Spanish as "futbolin" this one has a difference in that you and your mates are now the figures in the table and a lot of fun too as you try and kick the ball when you only have one movement. Host your own team knock our cup at the home of Real Madrid for a truly atmospheric finale to your company event in Madrid.


Some of the best wine in the world comes from Spain yet most people only know Rioja which is in fact one of many denomination wine regions. Madrid has also established itself with its own denomination with many award winning wineries.We offer a fun and enjoyable introduction to the best of Sanish wine in particular – what to look for, what to taste and smell and most importantly how to enjoy it!


A tapas tour like no other - fine wines and delicious local tapas all combined with a fascinating stroll through Madrid's historic streets. Along the way we stop in traditional wine taverns, some of whom date back to the 16th century and all of whom provide outstanding Iberian fayre and try the very best that Madrid can offer. At every stop you will enjoy excellent wines along with a selection of hot and cold tapas dishes, and an explanation about the origins of tapas and its cultural place in the Spanish diet.


From wild boar to driven partridge the Madrid region has some excellent fincas and you are in the best hands for some excellent shooting experience for young or experienced guns. Our fincas are all situated within an hour of the capital and can be arranged as one day shoots or for longer periods with full board hunting lodge accommodation.


A guided photo safari through the streets to give you some really unique and impressive places to discover - similar to a treasure hunt only this time you find the landmarks by the photos and the route is followed by the clues you find and the photogrpahs you send to complete the route.


We have done it all over Madrid - choose your location and put together a flashmob scene to go viral! We provide the rehearsal space, choreographers and step by step training as well as dance script and we then get into position without anyone noticing - not so easy! You do the rest and away you go for the performance of a lifetime!


A spectacular route through the Sierra peaks, taking in reservoirs and lakes and rivers, hermitages, churches and monasteries, bull breeding farms and wineries with peaks starting at 2000 metres and going over 3000 metres through the Sierras with spectacular views all along. Stops on the way can be arranged including for for countryside picnics or even bbq.


Our Treasure/ Scavenger Hunt is a great way of combining fun with learning about Madrid and its history and culture. We set a route along those themes for which the teams need to follow the clues and the map to meet the challenges on the way and above all find the treasure to claim the prize at the end.


Choose from a range of scary adrenalin packed themese from Zombie attack to Bank Heist will test the participants problem-solving skills, focus and create team brainstorming solutions. The Escape Rooms scenarios can be modified for time and theme to create a bespoke package based on your requirements and needs.


A teambuilding challenge comes to Madrid - The activity encourages teams to design, build and race (using only gravity, strength and courage) their very own go kart 'soapbox' vehicle. The skills required for this task? A sense of adventure and creativity, and the ability to handle a huge amount of hilarity.


Prior to the 'games' beginning, our coaching leaders help your group suggest a topic or theme, identifying key points and roles for team members. They will also supply all props required. Your group is split into smaller role play groups, with each group having the chance to become both observant audience members and role play participants - as well as have some fun!


Based on the CBS Show of the same name the Amazing Race takes you on a competitive route around Madrid where you navigate the route set, complete local and themed challenges and are there first team back in this competitive, adrenalin filled Madrid teambuilding challenge.


The HAKA has come to Madrid! Strengthen team unity – we get your team performing with passion, with commitment, and as one team together. A fun and original team building activity which the team will talk about for a long time.


A knock out Championship like no other! Part zorbing and part seven-a-side football, players are encased in a huge plastic ball as they try their hand at this action-packed and hilarious activity combining communication, strategy, physical ability, leadership, teamwork and plenty of fun.



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