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The Spanish region and capital of Madrid was carved out of the historical province of Castilla. It is rich with traditions and festivals that go back hundreds and in some cases thousands of years.

We organise unique visits, excursions, tours and memorable Spanish experiences for those who are looking for something a bit more. Culture and history, discovery and revelation are mixed with some of the finest food and wine in Spain for a unique experience that will stay with you forever.

Despite its status as a capital and a busy and buzzing metropolis there is much that history has not changed in Madrid. To the casual eye and visitor all appears on the surface for this and it takes a little time for the realization that there is much about Madrid that is hidden and reflects a deeper sense of the identity of the city and the heart of old Castille.

Throughout the year and throughout the region there are scores of events, festivities, cultural acts, village fairs and curious traditions that attract remarkably few visitors from outside the locality.

We arrange guided tours and visits for small groups who would like to discover a little more behind the bustling exterior of Madrid. If you would like more information fill out the form below with your dates of travel and we will contact you with information of what can be enjoyed and experienced.


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