Drumming Up a Team is a great opportunity for participants to exercise communication skills as they tap into a common energy that breaks down social barriers and inspires unity in your team. It’s impossible not to become engaged.

The rhythm will draw you in!


Our drumming leader will tap your team’s creative energy while tying the music to your company’s purpose and content. As participants arrive, each is provided with a drum or percussion instrument. The group sits in a circle and together participates in a variety of facilitated activities. As the group rhythm builds, the leader uses metaphors to illustrate how everyone’s input contributes to making music together. Key points include the concepts of listening, community building, connecting, and having fun.


  • Reduce stress levels during challenging times
  • Boosts energy and receptivity
  • Improve teamwork, communication and relationship skills
  • Stimulate creativity, risk-taking and a “can do” attitude
  • Energize, focus and motivate people
  • Align the participants with the organization’s values and goals
  • Develops personal presence in a group.

Features: Create an uplifted atmosphere of celebration in the workplace and at meetings and conferences

Event Type:

  • Company outings
  • Retreats
  • Conference
  • Off site meeting

Group Size: 10-500

Time:  2 hours + including a briefing.

Space: An indoor or outdoor area large enough to hold your entire group sitting in a circle.


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