Choose from a range of scary adrenalin packed themes from Zombie attack to Bank Heist will test the participants problem-solving skills, focus and create team brainstorming solutions. The Escape Rooms scenarios can be modified for time and theme to create a bespoke package based on your requirements and needs.

Think and act FAST; like a special operations force, tasked with issues of primary importance. The experienced and multi-lingual team coordinators will welcome your group to the Escape Rooms, before explaining the rules and details of each ‘game’. There are five escape rooms to choose from.

Bank of Spain. The building houses a huge, highly secured safe guarding enormous treasures. Your thief-colleagues blackmail the security guard, which offers ‘no alarm status’ for just 60 minutes. Your team have one chance to fill their swag bags… will they succeed?

Zombie Lab​. You have exactly one hour to escape the zombies… and save the world. Explore the laboratories, break secret codes, use the zombie supplies and discover the chemical solution which will save the planet from catastrophe.

Zodiac Killer. Delve under the skin of an assassin. Live as one of the most disturbed (and intelligent) minds, feel what the victims feel, resist the urge to kill. Feel the fear… and escape. If you can.

Prison Break. Having fallen on hard times, your team are imprisoned for life. But, on the first day in prison there is a riot in Block B. Your guard has left his post. Could this be your chance to escape?

Nuclear Bunker Break. As soon as the door closes behind your team, the countdown begins. You only have an hour to search through the bunker, solve the puzzles and use the tools you find to obtain the keys and codes to the control room. Reach the control room and you deviate the nuclear war.


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