We have done it all over Madrid – choose your location and put together a flashmob scene to go viral! We provide the rehearsal space, choreographers and step by step training as well as dance script and we then get into position without anyone noticing – not so easy! You do the rest and away you go for the performance of a lifetime!

Flashmob Scenario 1 : Just for pure fun (and with team-building a very glorious by-product) your group will learn a professionally choreographed routine, with step-by-step training from our team of professional and friendly ‘dance captains’. This is an inclusive activity, with everyone encouraged to take part. Group members will be invited to share their ideas about the differing elements of the flash mob performance and production, encouraging engagement, risk-taking and spirited energy!

Flashmob Scenario 2 : We can provide your group with a tutorial video, clearly explaining the choreography and sequences of steps, enabling the participants to learn and perfect the dance in their own time.

Flashmob Scenario 3 : Allow our dance teams to surprise, spread joy… and bring smiles and laughter to your coorporate event. Our dancers will mingle with your unassuming ‘onlookers’ and without warning ‘break out’ in an original dance routine (for example our dancers can be waiters serving dinner, then spontaneously begin performing towards the end of the meal). In this option, your staff members can join the flashmob and become part of the show, with a further option of DJs and dancing to follow after dinner.


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