For a great day out in the Sierra of Madrid and some inspiring guided routes through forests and lakes of the hills of Madrid. Complete with return transfers and optional picnic or bbq.

Let the horses guide you and your colleagues to a new, challenging and exciting way to promote and facilitate successful change within your organisation. Indeed, this cutting edge experiential 1 day program offer the unique abilities of horses and their natural herd dynamics to take leaders and team to the next level. Through exercises in interaction with horses safely held on the ground and other activities we will explore the potential of non verbal communication, authentic community, awareness, presence. This activity will also improve relationships, confidence, self-esteem, communication, assertiveness, problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and leadership capacity

The benefits of interacting with horses can not only be experienced immediately, improve performance and productivity for corporations, but also, the learning can be transferred to other areas of someone’s life (personal relationship, family etc..) and will have a lasting impact. Working with horses simply provides an opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves, each other, and the team as a whole.

Transfers to and from the location are included and can be combined with team BBQ or route depending other activities.


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