No Spanish word is more misunderstood than tapas. Its a verb, meaning to cover something ( from where the concept of a dish of simple food served covering the glass with which drink it comes) and a noun. Our Madrid Wine and Tapas Tour is your entry into a gastronomic culture going back to the 13th century ( according to local legend the Castilian King Alfonso X is credited with the idea)

A tapas tour like no other – fine wines and delicious local tapas all combined with a fascinating stroll through Madrid’s historic streets. Along the way we stop in traditional wine taverns, some of whom date back to the 16th century and all of whom provide outstanding Iberian dishes and the very best that Madrid can offer.

At every stop you will enjoy excellent paired wines along with a selection of hot and cold tapas dishes, and an explanation about the origins of tapas and its cultural place in the Spanish diet.

Our Team Wine & Tapas Tour take you on a delightful cultural & culinary journey through both Madrid and Spain, sampling regional specialities and excellent wines to give you an entertaining evening as we stroll through Madrid´s historic old town tapas bar hopping Spanish-style.

We want our guests to have as full an experience as possible, getting to try a good variety of quality wines and tapas, leaving you to feel inspired gastronomically and culturally. It’s also a great way to get introduced to the Spanish culture as a whole, and of course good fun!

Our Wine & Tapas tours are available for both small intimate groups and for larger groups in entertaining and dynamic formats so that even when you’re part of a big crowd, you can experience Madrid as an individual.


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