Madrid Urban Monopoly

The best way to merge individual abilities, group effort and team management. In addition participants get to know the best sites in downtown Madrid while conquering the “squares” to reach the most points!

Can you imagine a monopoly board with the size of  downtown? Teams will be battling each other to conquer the “squares” of the other teams in a variety of Teambuilding or skill activities and quizzes. 

However, monopoly is not only a game of individual agility and luck; teams also have to plan their steps carefully. Communicating with the master command is crucial for a good team planning because like so many thing in life, the winner is the one who gets the most money! 

The goal is simple; during the given time  teams have to earn the most money possible by winning squares and get as many squares as possible. At the end the organization will consider both achievements to sort the classifications. 

Each one of the 6 squares are real places in Madrid clearly marked in the given map. Those squares have a member of the staff waiting for the teams to complete a task. 

The tasks/squares have simple rules: 

  • Roll the Dice. To realize the task on the square teams have to pay 100€ to the member of the staff.
  • The team that “conquers” the square they earn 200€. There are only 2 ways to conquer a square: being the first to complete the square task, or beat the square best time/square.
  • It is clear that a lot of team planning is needed to manage the time available, to decide what square the team must move to, how many times it is affordable to try and get the square or improve the time/score.

The tasks of each of the squares are 6 of the following: 

  1. Company quiz (given in advanced by the company) 
  2. Chain reactor (teambuilding activity)
  3. Madrid Quiz
  4. Get Forked (skill activity)
  5. Spoon Frog (skill activity)


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