Sangria Teambuilding takes the simple and humble Spanish Sangria drink and take it to new levels. After being given an introduction to the drink, its composition and its history its over to you to make your own new version for the Sangria that will conquier the bars of the world!

Each team will become a different winery. They start by coming up with a name for their Sangria after being told that they are going to be developing and marketing their own brand of Sangria and Sangria Blanca from ingredients we supply.

A brief history and definition of Sangria is explained; that it is a wine punch typical of Spain or Portugal and is essentially made with red wine, chopped or sliced fruit (oranges, lemons, apples, peaches, nectarines, kiwifruit or banana), a sweetener (honey, sugar or orange juice), a small amount of added brandy, triple sec or other spirits, and carbonated water. Each team will be making Sangria along with a Salsa. Then they will create a brand name for their winery and design a label for each bottle

They will then create an ad campaign with a print ad and slogan – and a jingle or song to market their Sangria to public. This will be a blind test so team members won’t know if they are picking their own Sangria or other team’s! Wine prizes are then awarded to the teams with the first place (and possibly second place for large groups) finishes for the best Sangria and Sangria Blanca. Wine prizes will also go to the best winery company name, label design and all around advertising campaign.


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