So You Think You Know Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple ingredient in Spanish Cooking and a key ingredient into why the Mediterranian diet is considered so healthy – and yet most people know very little about it.



Since its first appearance in the Iberian Peninsular the olive tree has grown deep roots in Spain.

The Roman, Arab and Jewish cooking influence has long defined the Spanish kitchen, indeed the oldest olive tree in Spain is some 1,700 years old and still yields a much awaited crop and one of 1.5 million olive trees in the country.

Under the tutelage of a professional olive oil sommelier, we provide the perfect setting to bring you a true masterclass and tasting team event that will take the participants from harvest to supermarket and know its many forms far beyond the extra virgin the shopper sees on the shelves.

Complete with tasting and quiz the teams need to plan, create and present their own label olive oils for a leading international supermarket – bringing creativity, teamwork and knowledge together for an insightful, fun and memorable teambuilding activity.

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