Cooking Masterclass in Madrid. Madrid is one fo the great gastronomic cities of Europe. You will have a chance for a unique culinary experience. Your chef will guide you through a masterclass of the best of Spanish cuisine – traditional and more modern as you work together to make a team dinner to remember.

This is an event with a genuine Spanish flavour ideal to spend half a day both enjoying and learning about typical traditions of our country. The event runs generally indoors but can also run outdoors making the most of the Spanish sunshine. The main activity consists of cooking an imposing paella per team. Teams will be assisted by a professional Chef, who will carry out a previous demonstration explaining step by step the cooking process and describing the different recipes of this wonderful dish. From that moment on, teams will start cooking under our Chef´s supervision.

While the rice is boiling, participants in teams tackle a series of intriguing and entertaining Spanish flavoured team challenges. There will be, for instance, an informative wine tasting team exercise with a touch of elegance. The idea is to cover a good range of the Spanish wine scene through the wines presented. Have you ever had wine from a Porrón (a Spanish traditional decanter)? You´ll have big fun here! There are quite a few options we can implement in your Spanish Master Chef… flamenco dancers, Spanish guitar players or a Tapas cooking contest. Everything will be , of course, in the Spanish way: with joy and fiesta!

Once the cooking is done and all team exercises have been tackled, participants get ready to enjoy their lunch (each team its own paella, of course!). After lunch a coffee will be served (typical siesta wouldn’t fit here!) and the overall scores per team will be revealed. Spanish Master Chef requires each person to get involved and participate fully in their team, and teams to put into practice leadership and decision-making concepts… A truly dynamic and enjoyable team building!


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