The baby bullfight or Capea is a typical and popular Castillian pastime that in a light hearted manner allows man to test his mettle against beast. In the ring and with games and challenges to overcome. Compete against young calves to bring out the Toro in you!

A capea is essentially a “baby bullfight” and non lethal. We take you to a to a bull breeding farm with its own Plaza de Torros, situated 45 minutes from the city centre. This is where the bulls are reared and the younger ones (known as vaquillas) are less loose to the budding matadors who fancy their chances. You will be given a tour of the farm with a short introduction to the facinationg world of bullfighting and breeding and then the opportunity to show off your prowess and skill in front of your colleagues!

You can participate as much or as little as you want – for some once is enough for others- they discover the cojones they never thought they had.After the Capea is an adrenalin pumping finale as the herd are released to their pens – who gets there first? It definetely sorts the men from the boys.You have food and drink supplied throughout the day – canapés and beers to start and full meat BBQ with jugs of Sangria for a sumptious lunch afterwards.

Includes coach or minibus transfers, event co-ordinator, optional lunch and refreshments.


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