With the sun shining and all social distancing our Spring season starts with a team building briefing before commencing our Outdoot Escape Room Event.

In fact we have been doing the Escape Room game for years as the The Amazing Race but now with added imputus as we plan our escape from the hordes of zombies that the virus has produced.

If one of the teams can make it through the challenges, hurdles and deadly obstacles then all of Madrid – maybe saved.

The teams are briefed as to the international situation that has brought the world as we know it to a halt.

The teams – now in Madrid – are given their unique set of instructions so that they may navigate their way out of the briefind centre and begin the awesome challenge of saving us all.

The teams have a set time to reach each point and along the way they will find helpers and not so helping zombies to obstruct their mission.

Time, teamwork and nerve are required by all to reach the final rendezvouz where you will hand over the password which will reveal the final challenge requiring  some good out-the-box thinking to save the Spanish capital from falling.