Seemingly still in the shadow of its Catalan neighbour – Madrid is the jewel in the Spanish crown and has established itself as one of the great city destinations in Europe. A city of elegance and style with excellent value hotels and unique event venues. Its excellent transport makes it both an international hub as well as local one from all over the world and all over Spain. It is the figurative and geographical heart of Spain.

More than any other, Madrid is a city to experience not visit. It offers you a wealth of choices at a price that compares favourably to many of its neighbours. If you would like to know more about how Madrid can work for your event just mail us below outlining what you would like to do and we will reply back with your first taste of Madrid.


Spain: Calle Burguete 13, Madrid 28050

UK: Deanfield,Henley on Thames, Oxon RG9



SPAIN + 34 650845391
UK +44(01)491574057