Today Madrid moved to its first phase to return to normaiity – parks were opened and terrazas serving in the late Spring sunshine.

However its a bitter-sweet moment and many have been sadly and personally impacted by COVID-19. So let us continue to be present alongside our families, friends, neighbours and partners, and let us continue to put our health and the health of our planet first.

Let’s continue to work in solidarity to protect our clients and our staff in order to move forward and reinvent ourselves for the years to come.

At Madrid Adventures , your satisfaction and safety has always been our priority. And this will continue in the principle of respecting the new health rules and our quality commitments for your teambuilding event in Madrid

Our quality teams as well as the members of the Madrid Adventures network have established high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, verified and controlled by approved organizations. We continue to collaborate with government authorities, our quality partners and our social partners to find new, ever more effective health measures in order to return to normal quickly without neglecting the safety of our passengers.

Soon Madrid will be open to travellers and internaitonal business. We look forward to welcoming you to our great city.