Sometimes fiction mirrors real life….and so it came to pass in Madrid as an international logistics teambuilding activity found itself amidst a struggle to overcome the dark in the run up to Halloween!

The scenario was as follows:

  • Madrid’s Almudena Cemetery is the largest in western Europe with more than 5 million souls.
  • It has been chosen by Vlad the Evil Emperor of Siberia to launch an unprecedented attack to destroy western civilisation.
  • According to western intelligence the evil emperor has developed a fiendish poison that causes a chemical reaction bringing the dead to rise as half living zombies under his control.
  • It is believed that the poison has already been administered and the dead are expected to rise on Halloween night in just a few weeks’ time.
  • A Polish scientist has developed an antidote which reverses the poison. He was expected in Madrid last night to administer the antidote.
  • However, he has gone missing – It is believed that he had been captured but managed to escape.
  • His current location is unknown, but it is believed that he has left clues in key locations in order that friendly forces can find him.
  • It is believed the chemical compound formula which has been left in locations to be recovered.
    1. Locate Scientist
    2. Recover Antidote
    3. Deliver Antidote to final RV point so that it can be handed to Spanish security officials.


    Thankfully for us all both the antidote and the scientist were recovered…….but will Vlad try again…..can we count on your team to save the western world?