South Korean Netflix sensation, The Squid Game has, unsurprisingly found its way as a popular teambuilding activity in Madrid / in fact it has shot to the top of most popular team events offered by Madrid’s leading award winning teambuilding company.

The teambuilding activity which can be played indoors or out involves a series of children’s games and activities with an added twist to make all the participants compete at utmost to avoid the pitfalls of elimination!

The latest addition to our team activities has proved a big hit with companies looking for a new angle as teams come together / many for the first time since the pandemic began and are able to once more enjoy the benefits of in-person team events.

Madrid which has just won its 4th consecutive win as top MICE destination has firmly established itself as a leading city for company meetings and events.

Madrid, with its many beautiful outdoor spaces and private venues is an ideal place to enjoy the Squid Game which can be adapted and modified for groups.