As we look forward to 2024 we will be celebrating 25 years of teambuilding excellence in Madrid.

From our first group in 1999 we have worked with thousands of professionals from all over the world who have chosen Madrid as the place to hold their corporate event or team meeting.

Of course in that time the whole concept of team working has changed fundmentally with women, different cultures and a shift in collaborative co-working at its core.

We have over 60 teambuilding activities that we offer as well as tours and excursions across the wider Madrid and Castilian region – to this we also work with you to create special bespoke events and team activities which are original and bring out the best that Madrid can offer.

Our top teambuilding activities over that time have been :

  1. Madrid Treasure Hunt – we were the first to introduce the activity – it was called then the Madrid Bear Hunt ( guess why?) and every one is different but allows participants to discover for themselves the magnificence that is Madrid.
  2. Matador – as Spanish cultural activities go, this is the very concept of working as a team – though to the outsider its a solitary act by the matador in fact its large and comprehensively rehearsed team to pull off this high octane and pressured act – all our groups have come away with a deep appreciation if not admiration for the matador.
  3. Gastro Challenge – Madrid has changed too for its gastronimical fayre – now rightfully celebrated around the world – our Gastro Rally gives teams the opportunity to try their hand at navigating Madrid´s legendary food markets, try their hand at jamon cutting, do a team wine challenge and finish off with a unique Madrid dessert making – all while navigating the points across the city´s historic quarter.

To speak to us to discuss your team activity in Madrid just mail us to schedule a call or meeting at your convenience.